Soccer Legends 2021

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Soccer Legends 2021 represents the most recent installment in MadPuffers’ two-player Soccer Legends series. Embrace an array of fresh players and teams that span different eras of the game. Engage in solo gameplay against AI opponents or invite a friend to compete in a thrilling match!

1 Player Controls
Move: left and right arrow keys or AD
Jump: up arrow key or W
Slide: down arrow key or S
Shot: X or L
Supershot: Z or K
2 Player Controls
Player 1 move: AD
Player 1 jump: W
Player 1 slide: S
Player 1 shot: B
Player 1 supershot: V
Player 2 move: left and right arrow keys
Player 2 jump: up arrow key
Player 2 slide: down arrow key
Player 2 shot: L
Player 2 supershot: K

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