Crazy for Speed


“Crazy for Speed offers a thrilling experience of high-speed driving, allowing you to accelerate your car, perform exhilarating stunts, and demolish obstacles in your path. Uncover concealed car components like hoods, bumpers, spoilers, sideskirts, and fenders as you progress. Engage in street racing and master the art of drifting. Leave a trail of wrecked police cars in your wake as they pursue you relentlessly. The game presents two exciting modes for your enjoyment: Solo Mode, for solitary play, and Online Mode, for interactive gameplay with friends. Embark on this adventure and indulge in some unforgettable fun!

W / up arrow = accelerate
S / down arrow = brake / move backward
A / left arrow = turn left
D / right arrow key = turn right
R = reset car position
C = camera view
L = headlamp
M = map
P = pause
Left-click = interact with in-game buttons

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